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Helping biotech investors identify an established scientist and a rising academic star in an area of interest

insciter biotech investor tool

Step 1. Search results for "Antibody Drug Conjugates" is auto-sorted by Topic Citation

Boitechnology research

Step 2. Click View next to the top expert (in this example, Peter SENTER) and see their published articles on this specific topic

biotech investors

Step 3. Click “Collaborators” to view this expert's collaborators or co-authors on this topic

biotechnology investor

Step 4. Click “Trends” to view the growth in citations for the topic each year

life science research

Step 5. Sort the original results by “Influence Trajectory” to view upcoming experts in the topic - in this example, Lisa LAM appears at the top

science technology

Step 6. View both profiles by the articles they have published on this topic

Peter SENTER 44 and Lisa LAM 2

topic articles biotechnology

Step 7. View both profiles by their collaborators on this topic

Peter SENTER 440 and Lisa LAM 45

insciter biotech investor tool

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